Monday, January 9, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Full Day Test Rimmel London Kiss and Stay Old Flame

This is the Rimmel London Kiss and Stay Lipgloss in Old Flame (#410). I also got it on clearance at the grocery store.

Right after putting it on in the morning, because I scrubbed my lips from having worn another long wear the day before the base coat was less than happy to adhere to the center of my lips. But any lip product is like that.

After 10 hours at work and two meals. A smidge of fade on the bottom center but otherwise it is just like the other Kiss & Stays in that the gloss wears away but the bottom coat not so much. I think the only reason it wore off a little was because my lips were super slick from exfoliating.

Although just because there was a little wear away doesn't mean that some wasn't left. This is the next morning so that is one face wash and a shower (and some Chanel make-up remover) and that stuff is still giving me guff. Again, probably because I exfoliated my lips so well before putting it on. Whoops.

Overall I still like it. I really wish they'd make that color in a regular lipstick since it'd be easier to wear and something I'd always have in my purse but alas they don't. I love the color and it is pretty comfortable to wear (once you get used to wearing it, there is a learning curve). Barely any gloss migration. I'd still definitely recommend it.

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