Monday, January 30, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

So I saw that Rimmel had some new shades out in their regular, not the icky moisture lipstick variety so I picked up a tube. I got 01, the Kate Moss ones don't have pretty names, just the numbers.

So here it is right after being applied:
That darn scar on the left side of my lip is such a pain!

And here it is after I got off work 9 hours later:

I didn't use a lip liner, just straight tube to lip so the minimal amount of feathering is crazy, especially for a $4 lipstick. Especially when you compare it to Chanel's lip laquer in Dragon after a similar amount of time:

Packaging: 5/5
It is a classy looking black tube. And it has the crown I love.
Quality: 5/5
It is a good lipstick, applies nicely and lasts well with minor touch ups.
Value: 5/5
$4 and it outperforms a $30 product. Yes.
Overall: 5/5
If I had to choose one red lip product right now it would be this one. Though all dark/bright Rimmel reds work great, excepting some of the shades themselves.

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