Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BB Wednesday: Holika Holika Essential Petit BB

This shall be a kind of short run feature, I don't plan on buying enough BB cream to post about every week or every other week, so consider it something fun for July.

These always look bigger in the pictures but 30ml isn't all that much. But honestly since it is just about impossible to sample BBs here in the USA small sizing (and therefore smaller prices) isn't such a bad thing. The cap is also purple btw.

It has a nice small opening so it is very easy to get just the right amount.

And here is what the cream itself looks like.

Here's my mug sans BB cream. I've been breaking out a bit more since starting to use BB creams but I break out whenever I use anything other than sensitive formula face lotion so no surprise there. I also do my eye make up before because eyeshadow fallout sticks to freshly applied BB cream like nobody's business.

And here we are after. It really has great coverage and covers up the red in my face (which is basically the only color I have in my face). I accidentally covered the side thirds of my lips, which is why they are skin toned, that's how good the coverage is. I've worn it all day for a couple of days now. It does make me breakout a slight bit and the slightly soapy smell isn't tops but that fades out pretty quickly. Overall I really liked it. I just wish it didn't crease and accentuate every bump on my forehead after 5-6 hours so I have to powder.

Price: $8/30ml (from RubyRubyShop on ebay)
Packaging: 5/5
Very effective and compact and also cute (That kitty!).
Quality: 4/5
I'm not a fan of soapy smells and it does make me break out a little (but so does my current local water). It also doesn't last all day, I have to powder after 5-6 hours but I do practically live in a swamp. I'll let you know how well it works when I'm in California (aka not a swamp).
Value: 4/5
Eh... It is a nice product and costs about the same as foundation here in the states but at least it is a color that works for my ridiculous paleness.
Overall: 4.33/5
I really do like it, the coverage is great if you are breaking out, the smell isn't too horrible and does fade quickly. It is also a great color for me which my w1 skin is thankful for since they stopped selling the w1 l'Oreal truematch shade here.

And here is a comparison shot of all my currently owned BBs since these were one of the most helpful things I saw when trying to figure out which ones to buy (lol my paaaale skin).


  1. That's a great shade for you! It matches almost exactly! I really love BB cream, because it's done so much to eliminate my acne and acne scaring.

    1. If I could find one that didn't make me break out then I would be in such heaven. I'm just glad BB creams only give me minor breakouts because that is way better than what foundation does and BBs are so much easier to apply in the morning.

    2. It's interesting that they would make you break out, since they are supposed to be really good at eliminating, reducing, and preventing acne. (It's the chemicals they put in them to whiten skin. and the fact that BB cream is magical.)