Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BB Wednesday: Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea

I have so much in the way of peach things now it isn't even funny. I like peach a lot but I'd like some variety too. But this color seemed the palest and yellowest and it was listed as mattifying which is a serious plus for me. If I'm dewy I tend to look like I'm sweating or oily. Not very nice.

The package is alright. The box the tube came in had a teacup shaped cut out so you could see the tube which was super cute.

Another tiny hole applicator which is fine by me! Easy to control exactly how much you get out. :)

Here's my unmade face (I naturally exude eyeshadow lol).

And here's the product itself. A bit greyer than the others.

And here's my face! It covers up redness really well but isn't horrendously opaque. It works nicely really but is a bit heavier than the Peach Sake and as it is summer here in the South I am preferring the Peach Sake at the moment. I think in the fall this one will really be up against the Holika Holika Essential one. Essential will probably be my fav in winter. This one lasts about as long as the Holika Holika Essential Petit BB, about 5-6 hours before needing a powder.

Price: $8/30ml (Purchased from RubyRubyShop on Ebay)
Packaging: 4/5
Cute enough and practical. Not super cute though.
Quality: 4/5
Pretty opaque and a great match for my paaale skin. Also conceals redness without making me too pasty. I like. A little heavy though.
Value: 3/5
Pricewise on point with the others but nothing really makes it special.
Overall: 3.66

And the comparison shot:

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