Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BB Wednesday: Skin Food Peach Sake

So, I can't be the only one who buys things because they sound kind of weird. When I saw the Peach Sake BB I was like 'Say whaaaa?'. That just sounds so odd for a face product. But it also looked pale and yellow toned and I like peaches and adult beverages so why not? I also ordered the sun lotion from the same line.

The packaging is a bit odd, not sure what is up with the faux wood cap and the peach colored container with the copper embossing is unique. But it still looks pretty on my counter.

The pump is rather annoying. I'd have preferred more of a small opening like pretty much every other BB I got.
Here I am with, uh, my unmade face. Yes my unmade face includes eyeshadow, I sleep with fully done eye make up half the time (I know, terrible).

As you can see very yellowy and nice and pale.
And here I am with the cream on! It is a bit more sheer than the Holika Holika one but it smells delightfully similar to a Bellini, it applies well and can go a whole work day without needing powder (though not much longer). So it edges out the Holika Holika one just barely.

Price: ~$8/30ml (On sale at RubyRubyShop's ebay acct)
Packaging: 4/5
A bit WTF-y in the design though not hideous but the pump knocks a full point off for making it harder to use.
Quality: 4.5/5
If it was less sheer and/or didn't slightly irritate my skin (I know, asking for miracles) then it'd be a full five.
Value: 4/5
Average cost wise for BB creams but I really like it so y'know, that makes it a better value to me.

And here's the comparison chart again:

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  1. I use Holika Holika now, since I've had no luck finding Skin79 here (even though it's a Korean BB cream. I have no clue where I would need to look for it too, since most BB creams are sold in the specific brands own stores.) I bought their aqua petit jelly, and it's really, really awesome. Couldn't be happier with it really.

    As for Skin Food, that is a huge brand here. Super popular. This BB cream looks really great on you too. Good shade.