Monday, July 23, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Evil Shades Cerberus, Mordant, Suffocation and Valkyries eye shadows and Obscurity and Hell Froze Over Lipstick Swatches

I would say this will be the last of my Memorial Day sale haul but that would be lying. You can look forward to a ton of Victorian Disco swatches soon. But this, my latest Evil Shades order was mainly to restock my two fav lipsticks, Fearless and Jenaveve. I also bought the full size of the Drakon and Yellow Snowballs eye shadows I'd gotten samples of with previous orders (would have never known how much I like Yellow Snowballs otherwise). And then since I was already ordering I figured why not get some new eye shadows and a lipstick too. There was something with a Final Fantasy related name that I didn't have after all.

Cerberus is a pretty crimson. Why yes I continue to buy things that remind me of Final Fantasy VII, how ever could you guess?
Mordant is a brownish plum. Very lovely.
Suffocation is a bright pink with a blue shift to it. It is apparently the eye shadow sister to Lost Kiss and very like Urban Decay's Omen except with a pink base instead of lavender. Like magic.
Valkyries is a pale petal pink which I am very happy to add to my collection.

Here's a look using Cerberus, Suffocation and Valkyries.

And here's a look using Mordant, Drakon and Suffocation.

Obscurity is very blue. I... Both liked the name and also the Mana feel. Some days I want to be pretty like Mana.

Hell Froze Over is a sheer white. It kinda makes you look like you have frost bite almost.

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