Monday, July 2, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks Copper Patina, Hydrangea, Ice Queen

I really do love the Morgana lipstick blend. I just don't feel like dropping $12 on something I can't swatch first. So this past half year I've only gotten three new ones.

Copper Patina is good, not particularly remarkable but good. Applies nicely, not streaky and doesn't dry out my lips too horribly. I ordered this hoping to find one like Pumpkin Eater but this is closer to 24k Pumpkin. Maybe if I'm lucky she'll do another batch of Pumpkin Eater as a Halloween special.

Hydrangea is a lovely color. I bought it solely because Hydrangeas are some of my very favorite flowers. Were I ever to get married the floral would be hydrangeas and rosemary. I really like this purple toned pink, it is just slightly darker and purpler than my natural lip color. AND IT HAS GREEN SPARKLES. The name is very apt and I think my Chanel Satin is going to have a run for its money on which gets to live in my purse.

Ice Queen is a bit of a let down. It is through no fault of Ice Queen's own, as a matte ice blue it is quite unique and for a blue has pretty darn good coverage and is easy to apply. The color just doesn't quite work with my skin tone. I'm going to try putting different glosses on top and see what that does for me.


  1. I have hydrangea and really like it too. Is Ice queen non shimmery?like a very light blue? I don't know what to expect. Now I need Copper patina :) I wanted to get Fallen Angel but I don't like the blue with purple sparkles shift. I thought since I already have a red based plum lipstick I'd just find something to give the copper sheen but lack of online swatches kept me from taking the plunge. I hope they bring back more oranges I never got a knack at 24K pumpkin

    Nice blog by the way

    1. Ice Queen is completely matte, no sparkles or shimmer at all. Though I think will have to try putting MC's blue Glimmer Gloss on top and see how I like it then. That could be fab. Copper Petina is great for a copper sheen as is her Copper Pipe Dream gloss.

      And happy my swatches could help! I started doing it because of how helpful I found other people's swatches. :D

    2. Glimmer gloss huh.. I know Kiss My Sass has something similar. Are they clear gloss dispensed in sparkle? I have so many MC lippies I could identify with a hoarder, I don't blog but if I ever take pics of them I'll post them somewhere.


    3. The glimmer gloss is just sparkles in a clear base though it does have a slight whitish cast to it (I'm guessing the sparkles are a white powder before being added).