Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BB Wednesday: Tony Moly Dear Me Cotton

I can fully admit that I only bought this because of the cute wing on the package. Literally what got me to buy it otherwise I wouldn't have. I love little adorable wings. This is also the last of my BB shopping spree, so for right now the BB Wednesday feature will take a break. Maybe a few months until I see another super cute one I have to have.

This is another with a simple tiny hole applicator and it works wonderfully well.

This BB is the darkest of what I got.

And here's my plain face.

And here I am wearing it. This is a very opaque BB and it is also a little heavy. The scent is faintly soapy but otherwise not really there which is nice. This would be great in winter when I'm not sweating it off. In summer it only lasts about 5 hours before a powder is needed.

Price: $10/30ml (From RubyRubyShop
Packaging: 5/5
So cute! And very effective and would pack easy. I love it. It could be kawaii-er but I like that I could have this when travelling and even though it is still cute I wouldn't be laughed at by TSA.
Quality: 4/5
This one makes me break out least, has the most opaque coverage and feels really nice. Only downside is that it isn't much suited for hot, humid summers.
Value: 3/5
It is a bit more pricey than the others without too much of an improvement in quality so it only scores average.
Overall: 4/5

And here's the comparison chart:

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