Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lolita Musings: Trends I'm hoping will catch on

The other day while get dressed I looked at my giant brimmed sunhat and thought, "If bonnets can be so popular and tiny hats of all nature, I wonder when your time will be."

I love a giant confection of a hat. More ribbons and pins and feathers please! And giant brimmed hats are perfect in the summer to help a lolita keep her pale glow. As tiny hats seem to be going to the wayside as maxipad headdresses and head eating bows have I want to believe the next trend will be giant, looks like something from loli-Titanic hats. Clips and modest bows will likely stay around as they have for so many years and they are great staples. But sometimes I want frippery. I'm hoping AatP, purveyor of many FABULOUS tiny hats will next year or the year after be a purveyor of many FABULOUS giant brimmer, shallow crowned hats.

I also hope stars and regimental stripe patterns will come back into vogue. Now that I have the money to buy lots (well not lots really) of Victorian Maiden I hope they bring back their amazing regimental stripe stuff.

Lastly I'm hoping leggings catch on. Basically the awesome things Brands have done with socks but in full footed jersey leggings. Leggings are so much more comfortable and far superior to sock.

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