Monday, July 30, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder

I can't remember how I came about getting my first compact of this. I want to say it was a present but it is the kind of thing I'd buy for myself.
Anyways it comes in super cute packaging but it is Too Faced so I expect that. It also comes with this pink sponge to apply it but I just use my face brush, same one I use for my regular loose powder.

The best way to think of this is as a highlighter. In the beginning I tried to use it as a regular pressed powder and let me tell you that is so not flattering. You start looking like you're Data from Star Trek. (And I love Data but I flush too easily to rock that look.)
So apply your foundation and powder as you would if you weren't using this...

Then dust this on sparingly. I do a couple runs on the cheeks and one or two on the forehead, nose and chin. And then hit up my chest and neck too so I'm ~sparkly~. Well I'm not too sparkly in photos but it is there in real life. And as you can see it also kind of soft focuses my face a bit!

It is a fun little addition to make-up, especially for evening looks or for special occasions.

Price: $27
Packaging: 5/5
Very cute, secure and durable.
Quality: 3/5
Nothing too special. It I could use it in place of my regular powder instead of with it then we'd have something.
Value: 4/5
For what it is the price isn't too bad. It lasts just about forever since you need so little but $27 for a fun little addition is a bit rich for my tastes.
Overall: 4/5

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